Blog: February 21, 2012
Family Day Message


Some of us in enjoyed Family Day on Monday, February 20 — it is a day to spend with our children, parents, siblings and maybe your pet or friends. For me, it is a day to remember the importance of family and to think about how precious the time with our loved ones really is.

As I reflect on Family Day when my kids (Olivia – 11 and Aidan – 9) and I, and Dexter our lovable Labrador Retreiver took a trip to the country to visit my mom, I realize that it is easy to forget the value of time and balance. Once I was unplugged — no email, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn I felt a sense of clarity and a sense of relief. I could actually think!

And what did I think about you ask? Marketing of course :-)

More specifically, I thought about our audiences and how important it is to respect and value their time. In our frenzied world, we need to remember that there are only 24 hours in a day and people need to sleep and eat. They have responsibilties, interests, family and friends that are all vying for their precious time. You can gain a lot of credibility if you respect your audience’s time and show that you value their attention.

Demonstrate respect for people’s time by:

  1. keeping your messages short, succinct and clear
  2. ensuring you use appropriate channels and tactics
  3. getting the timing and frequency right
  4. finding a way to thank them for their time

Take it from the mom of two kids in competitve sports (hockey and swimming),  who also needs to find time for running and workouts, the family dog, and a wonderful partner not to mention running a business and writing this blog…I understand having limited bandwidth!

Thanks for taking the time our of your busy day to read my blog!



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